Lipari's Big Addition

Article from Lipari Foods "The Mirror" Issue 39, Summer Issue 2017

In the past year Lipari Foods has made some big changes, not only within the organization but within the community as well.  Back in 2015, the company made the decision to expand its footprint with the construction of a state-of-the-art frozen warehouse facility across the street from the existing distribution center on Bunert Rd.  This came about in response to the need for additional warehouse square footage, particularly space that was close to the current headquarters on Bunert Road.  Partnering with Ashley Capital, Lipari Foods acquired two auto salvage yards on the east side of Bunert to construct the facility. The acquisition of this land provided over 17 acres to build an efficient new specialty freezer warehouse. Teaming up with The Tippman Group who constructed the main distribution center on Bunert in 2006, it’s projected that the building will be fully operational by the end of July 2017.  

Because of the construction of this facility and the added distribution capabilities it represents, Lipari anticipates the creation of over 300 direct and indirect jobs across the network. The new warehouse space is larger and more ambitious than any other of the Lipari facilities to date.  It will stand 36 feet tall and house 252,000 square feet, providing an entire extra layer of pallet storage more than the main warehouse now! It will also feature 27 truck bays to unload and load product onto its climate-controlled dock.  Because of this additional space and where it is located, the frozen inventory currently found at the main warehouse will be relocated to this facility.  The construction of this building will also allow Lipari Foods to move much of the inventory from the other remote warehouses, such as DFL Logistics in Detroit, to the new building and back to the main distribution center.  Having most of the inventory on Bunert Road will result in enhanced shipping efficiencies due to the proximity of the warehouses.  We’re excited to have this new space online soon!


David Kahn – Managing Director, Business Development