Survey Sampling International.

Survey Sampling International

Survey Sampling International

Survey Sampling International (“SSI”) is a global provider of technology-enabled data collection services and survey research, serving market research firms, consulting firms and end-clients, which include corporate end-users, universities and public opinion firms.  The Company founded the commercial sampling industry over 30 years ago, and has unrivaled experience and global expertise in survey sampling (the selection of a sample of elements from a target population in order to conduct a survey), data collection and data analysis.  SSI utilizes its multi-modal online, mobile and offline capabilities to deliver more than 31 million completed surveys across 31,000 projects each year for over 2,500 clients.

Value Creation

Created a global leader in sampling with a unique service offering, including online, offline and multi-modal capabilities, realized a substantial increase in EBITDA through cost savings, and enhanced inherent business value due to the Company's scale and predominantly Internet-based business.

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