AIMS Companies.

AIMS Companies

AIMS Companies

Headquartered in Scottsdale, Arizona, AIMS is a leading national provider of infrastructure inspection, maintenance, and support services to the municipal, utility, industrial and energy end markets.  AIMS is focused on providing critical services that customers require to maintain infrastructure and remain in compliance.  The Company’s three core service offerings are:  1) municipal and utility pipeline inspection and cleaning; 2)  vacuum and hydroblast cleaning services for plant maintenance; and 3) hydro-excavation to expose underground utility infrastructure.  AIMS operates a fleet of over 390 units and a network of 15 branches across 10 states, including Arizona, Texas, Georgia, California, Nevada, Oregon, New Mexico, Colorado, Oklahoma, and Alabama.  The branches are strategically situated to enable AIMS to efficiently service customers across multiple end markets. 

Investment Thesis

Acquire a national business services platform that is a leader in the markets it serves, operating in the highly fragmented infrastructure services and maintenance industry, and partner with a committed entrepreneur/founder and a deep, experienced management team to build the business in existing and new markets through:
  1. Organic growth driven by enhanced business development efforts, leveraging AIMS’ scale, reputation for work quality, customer service, safety record, regional management infrastructure, and ability to deliver diverse services to customers in different markets;
  2. “Beachhead” acquisitions in new markets and “tuck-in” acquisitions in existing markets;
  3. Operational enhancements including through developing corporate sales and marketing programs, portfolio company M&A capabilities, business analytics, operational and site-level reporting; improving fleet management; and investing in technology to enhance productivity and profitability.

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