Tidewater Barge Lines.

Tidewater Barge Lines

Tidewater Barge Lines

Tidewater has been cleanly and safely transporting commodities on the Columbia & Snake River system in the Pacific Northwest for 81 years all the while providing high level service and quality customer care.  Tidewater was founded in 1932, and has evolved into a multi-commodity transportation and terminal company serving the diverse and evolving transportation needs of the Pacific Northwest.  The Company’s operating area spans 465 miles of the Columbia and Snake River systems extending from the Port of Astoria, Oregon on the Pacific Coast to the inland Port of Lewiston, Idaho.

Value Creation

During Sterling’s ownership, the company acquired the barge operations of a major paper company, disposed of underperforming, non-core assets, and developed an up-river grain elevator jointly with a major grain customer.

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