Lazer Spot, Inc.

Lazer Spot, Inc

Lazer Spot, Inc

Lazer Spot is the largest independent provider of comprehensive yard management services and solutions in the U.S., managing the movement of trailers at high volume distribution centers and manufacturing facilities, and also providing trailer shuttle services, through Company-provided tractors and drivers.  The Company serves a diverse customer base, including many of the world’s largest consumer products companies, at approximately 175 locations in over 25 states, and operates a fleet of 400 tractors, 100 day cabs, and 1,200 trailers.  The business was started in the mid 1990’s by members of the Newsome family who remain active in managing the business.

Value Creation

Sterling and management created the clear, nationwide leader in yard management solutions by building on the Company’s “first mover” position in the industry and strong reputation with its customer base.  This required establishing management information systems that provided data on site by site performance, and building the corporate and regional management infrastructure.

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