GPX International Tire.

GPX International Tire

  • November 2005

  • June 2009

  • Distribution

  • Malden, Massachusetts

GPX International Tire

GPX International Tire was one of the largest independent providers of specialty; “off the road” tires for agricultural, construction, material handling and transportation customers.  GPX was formed by the merger of Boston-based Galaxy Tire & Wheel, Inc. with Toronto-based Dynamic Tire Corp. 


Sterling in partnership with management executed: (i) the acquisition of a manufacturing facility in China to produce off-road tires, (ii) the acquisition of Maine Industrial Tires, a manufacturer of solid industrial tires, and (iii) the disposition of a Serbian plant which produced lower technology tires.  The business was also reorganized into seven distinct units creating greater operating focus.  GPX was materially adversely affected by the U.S. Department of Commerce’s imposition of substantial anti-dumping and countervailing duties on the company’s Chinese suppliers.  Sterling provided oversight on the work-out which saved 95% of the jobs and maximized value for stakeholders.  A year later the U.S. Federal Court of International Trade ruled the duties imposed on GPX as “unreasonable, arbitrary, capricious and unlawful.”

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